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P.R CELL: Body Contouring Treatment
Treat Cellulite and other problem areas with this safe, non-invasive device. PR Cell 2G is a remarkably effective body sculpting system, combining deep sub dermal suction massage with a French technique of "Palper-Rouler" that releases trapped fat and restores the skin's smooth appearance by working the skin's fat cells, lymphatic fluids and reticular fibers.

60 Minutes~$150
90 Minutes(Includes Sauna)~$175
Series of 8~$1040 Without Ultrasound
Series of 8~$1240 With Ultrasound

Series can be sold for Cellulite Treatment of an area, Abdominal Workout, Lifting Treatment, Tone and Tighten the Skin Treatments.

Smooth Operator Machine
Has combined 5 scientifically proven technologies into one facial remodeling program in an effort to specifically address the most important factors associated with facial aging and to provide effective, non-surgical facial rejuvenation. THE ONLY MACHINE with 5 TECHNOLOGIES and ONE HAND PIECE. It is more powerful than any micro-current machine out there. The results are breath taking!

The machine is powered by a Synchronized Technology Delivery System to allow these technologies penetrate through your skin:

Frequency Specific Pulsatile Currents~ Which is a long Micro-current that penetrates through the skin, dermis and fat to reach the muscle to lift and tone it, this current also makes Electroporation and Iontophorese work.

Ultrasound- (Which is a sound wave at a level 3mhz , a 1mhz is used for pregnancy). As the Ultrasounds energy, when applied to the surface of the skin, raises tissue temperature and the metabolic rate, it then increases the flow of oxygen to the cells and improves removal of waste material necessary for skin toning, detoxification, wound healing and lymphatic drainage.  Sound waves create vibrations that help stimulate new collagen, therefore giving you that firming and tightening of the skin. 

Impulse Micro-currents~ (Muscle Toning)
It is a shorter current than the FSP Current Above, but it works with the longer current and does almost like an interval work out on that muscle, causing it to stimulate more for toning.

Electroporation~allows entry of products through you're stratum corneum
(your protection barrier of the skin, to get product to the dermis.)

Iontophoreses~ Your Galvanic, to help push product into the skin deeper.

The Five together works with the body to stimulate new collagen growth, tone
sagging muscles and tighten the skin.  

Dermaplaning or OUR NEW VORTEX PEEl to take your skin to the next level.

You ALSO may do IPL Treatments during these treatments for the face
(We also work with Genesis Dermatology 561-296-5222).  We can create the Ultimate HOLLYWOOD Secrets package just for you.  Call and Speak with Amanda Glanzberg or Alicia Roy in regards to these packages.

In this picture of our dermal layers you can see as we age over time our Walls of our Face start to cave in, this machine helps restore those fibroblast cells that support our face, by producing more of those you produce more collagen and elastin.  Then with the technologies working the muscle you are retraining it to go back up.  The results are amazing.
Series of 6 ~$1,000
1 Treatment~$250

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Dermapen Treatment!
Turn Back Time with this amazing treatment!

Dermapen repairs scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles with its auto-stamp micro-needling system.  The skin is tricked into repairing itself, by producing collagen and elastin to help create new skin.  The process of micro-needling skin remodeling can go for months after each Dermapen treatment,  because the skin has to heal within.  Series is recommended.

Series of 3 $597
Series of 3 with a 30 Minute Facial $717